About Us

Our company is founded in March 1993 in Siverek, Şanlıurfa by the name VARANLAR GROUP.
Aspired to be natural and produce and market natural products since it was founded, our company has been taking firm steps towards this objective. Natural Agriculture is a necessity to be fed with natural foods. VARANLAR GROUP , which focuses its efforts in this direction, has gone to branding with the desire to offer the most natural nutrients to its consumers and registered its trademark as VARANLAR GROUP.
VARANLAR GROUP preserves the nature of the food and carries out its production with care and meticulousness.VARANLAR GROUP produces all their products with "NATURALITY FROM FARM TO KITCHEN" principle without compromising in any way.
We produce 12,000 - 13,000 kg of jam per day. The jams that are cooked in 2,500 ton capacity boilers are no different from what our mothers made. The jams that are cooked just with vegetables-fruits and sugar are certainly delicious. Today, VARANLAR GROUP produces and markets 8 kinds of Jam-Honey Group (flower, pine, thyme, chestnut) and a group of molasses (grape, mulberry, black mulberry, carob).
Our company, making the marketing and distribution by itself or via dealer system, had the opportunity to meet with many consumers in various provinces of Turkey. VARANLAR GROUP has also focused on promotional advertising and participated in many international and domestic food fairs. As VARANLAR family, we have shown our quality and meticulousness in 2018.
VARANLAR GROUP is in progress with determination and happiness by being open to all kinds of opinions and complaints in line with the wishes of its consumers.
İletişim Bilgileri 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 142. Cad. No: 17/1 Eyyübiye / Ş.URFA
+90 (532) 206 26 63  /  info@varanlar.com.tr
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