Our company presents traditional Turkish taste and food culture to the world with its 20-tone daily production capacity and advanced technological infrastructure in world standards in its 2,000 square meters closed and 5,000 square meters open facility. 
VARANLAR , established with a professional management and service approach, makes products in the best quality and standards with years of experience by focusing on customer satisfaction. 
Varanlar is growing every day by adding new practices to its years of experience in the food industry and serves to its customers in Turkey and the world via export. 
All products of Varanlar, whose calorie and nutritional values are formed by long-term research and chemical calculations, are nutritious and ideal energy sources. 
Varanlar, succeeding in being a sectoral brand open to innovations and mastering in carrying traditional tastes to the present day, brings diversity to our dining tables by creating different products from the flavors that the Turkish nation has emphasized for centuries. 
With molasses produced from grapes grown in the soils of Turkey, with honey which is the pure taste coming from bees and with strawberry, apricot, sour cherry, carrot, orange, fig, rose, raspberry, blackberry jams that makes the best of Turkey's fruit diversity, VARANLAR GRUP brand under Varanlar sweetens our lives and brings delicious flavors to our homes.
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